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Garden Design & Landscape Gardener in Hastings

Making your outdoor space as unique as your indoor space with bespoke garden design and landscape gardening in Hastings.

Professional Gardening Services Hastings

If you’re not inspired to sit in your garden and soak up the sun then it might be time to refresh your space.

From creating tiny wonderlands of flowers, shrubs and canopies to transforming large outdoor space into a cornucopia of varying levels, wooden decking and woodland, Paul Dix Gardens can recreate your garden just the way you’ve always wanted. Paul combines the latest in ecological design with your ideas and his natural flair for capturing the personality of his customers, to ensure your garden no longer feels like a chore.

Our Gardening & Landscaping Services Hastings

Paul Dix Gardens offer a wide range of consultancy, design and landscaping garden services for gardens in Hastings.

Garden Design Hastings

Having a garden designed for you is a truly wonderful experience. It allows you to add a personal touch that brings the energy of your interior outdoors – connecting the two so that your garden no longer feels like a space that is simply attached to your home.

Whether you dream of a wonderland of flora and fauna or simply want an even green space to spend quality time getting mucky with your children, our Garden Design services exist to give you a garden that makes you happy. Because that’s what a garden should be; another room in your home that brings you joy and is packed with your favourite elements of nature.

When you contact us for Garden Design in Hastings, we’ll take all of your ideas on board at a consultation and bring them to life through hand drawn designs before dismantling your garden and rebuilding it just the way you’ve always dreamed. You will be taken through every stage of the garden’s redesign and construction, with the full project kept within our hands.

Landscape Gardening Hastings

When you invest in a home, it can sometimes feel like you’re stuck with the garden you’ve been given, despite many people listing outdoor space as a main priority when they buy. Luckily, there are as many ways to design a garden as there are to design a house. From digging and laying foundations, earth movement and drainage to patios, decking, fencing, ponds and much more, Landscape Gardening can completely transform the way you feel in your outdoor space.

Your garden fence should never be a barrier to creating a garden that you feel at home in, and Paul Dix Gardens take all of your suggestions on board. We listen to your needs and concerns in order to create your ideal garden – regardless of its size or orientation.

If you want to add flair to an area of flat grass and replace it with a canopy, a raised deck or stone steps leading down to a peaceful pond, we can make that happen. If your yard is rife with uneven turf, and you want an even field for barbecues in summer, we are at your service.

Whether your dreams are extravagant or simple, we want to bring them to life.

If you’re not happy with the current state of your outdoor space in Hastings, or feel inspired to embrace the garden you’ve always wanted, contact Paul Dix Gardens. From consultancy to full transformation of your garden, we cover all your garden design needs. Simply fill in the contact form below and we’ll do the rest.

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    Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our clients are saying...

    All work carried out by Paul has been exactly as requested and to a very high standard. Will always recommend.

    J. Redfearn

    Paul and his team transformed my garden. What was at first a mess of garden waste became a light and tidy space. We’re in dialogue for the next phase and he has some great ideas I’d like to progress in the Spring.

    B. Ngai

    Paul did an excellent job extending a patio area. He used reclaimed sleepers to shore up the grass bank and found similar paving slabs to complete the seating area. Very well done and he worked very hard. Would recommend his services.


    I can highly recommend Paul. He has transformed our garden from a jungle to a landscaped slope which we delight in looking at from our kitchen window. Overall an excellent job which we hope he will have the time to maintain long term.

    M. Norman

    I needed my garden tidying up and an overgrown and unruly plant invading from my neighbour’s garden sorting out. Paul knew what to do and got the job done very efficiently leaving my garden with well nourished soil and replanted. I’m very happy with his work and would recommend him to anyone.

    A. Thornton